Repetier-Host Plugin  0.95
RepetierHostExtender.geom.RHVector3 Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

 RHVector3 (double _x, double _y, double _z)
 RHVector3 (RHVector3 orig)
 RHVector3 (Vector3 orig)
 RHVector3 (Vector4 orig)
Vector4 asVector4 ()
Vector3 asVector3 ()
void NormalizeSafe ()
void StoreMinimum (RHVector3 vec)
void StoreMaximum (RHVector3 vec)
double Distance (RHVector3 point)
void Scale (double factor)
double ScalarProduct (RHVector3 vector)
double AngleForNormalizedVectors (RHVector3 direction)
double Angle (RHVector3 direction)
RHVector3 Subtract (RHVector3 vector)
RHVector3 Add (RHVector3 vector)
void SubtractInternal (RHVector3 vector)
void AddInternal (RHVector3 vector)
RHVector3 CrossProduct (RHVector3 vector)
override string ToString ()

Public Attributes

double x = 0


double Length [get]
double this[int dimension] [get, set]

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