Repetier-Host Plugin  0.95
RepetierHostExtender.geom.Submesh Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

void Clear ()
void Compress ()
 Remove unneded temporary data.
void Compress (bool override_color, int color)
int VertexId (RHVector3 v)
int VertexId (double x, double y, double z)
void AddEdge (RHVector3 v1, RHVector3 v2, int color)
void AddTriangle (RHVector3 v1, RHVector3 v2, RHVector3 v3, int color)
void UpdateColors ()
void UpdateColors (bool override_color, int color)
void UpdateDrawLists ()
OpenTK.Graphics.Color4 convertColor (Color col)
void Draw (int method, Vector3 edgetrans, bool forceFaces=false)

Static Public Member Functions

static int ColorToRgba32 (Color c)

Public Attributes

const int MESHCOLOR_OUTSIDE = -4
const int MESHCOLOR_EDGE_LOOP = -5
const int MESHCOLOR_CUT_EDGE = -6
const int MESHCOLOR_NORMAL = -7
const int MESHCOLOR_EDGE = -8
const int MESHCOLOR_BACK = -9
List< Vector3 > vertices = new List<Vector3>()
List< SubmeshEdgeedges = new List<SubmeshEdge>()
List< SubmeshTriangletriangles = new List<SubmeshTriangle>()
List< SubmeshTriangletrianglesError = new List<SubmeshTriangle>()
bool selected = false
float[] glVertices = null
int[] glColors = null
int[] glEdges = null
int[] glTriangles = null
int[] glTrianglesError = null
int[] glBuffer = null
float[] glNormals = null

Member Function Documentation

Remove unneded temporary data.

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