Repetier-Host Plugin  0.95
RepetierHostExtender.interfaces.IHost Interface Reference

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Public Member Functions

void OpenLink (string link)
void FireFirmwareDetected ()
void RegisterSlicer (ISlicer slicer)
void RegisterSlicerInstance (ISlicerInstance inst)
void UnregisterSlicerInstance (ISlicerInstance inst)
void AddPlugin (IHostPlugin plugin)
void RegisterEEPROMHandler (IEEPROM eprHandler)
ToolStripMenuItem GetMenuFolder (MenuFolder folder)
void RegisterHostComponent (IHostComponent comp)
void ShowHostComponent (string name)
IHostComponent FindComponent (string name)
bool IsComponentVisible (string name)
IRegMemoryFolder GetRegistryFolder (string folder)
void LogMessage (string message)
void LogInfo (string info)
void LogError (string error)
void LogWarning (string warning)
void RunCurrentJob ()
void ExecuteHostCommand (GCode code)
void SetJobFinished ()
void SetJobStopped ()
void ResetQuality ()
void SendSDStateChanged (GCodeAnalyzer.SDStateValue old, GCodeAnalyzer.SDStateValue current)
void SendProgress (ProgressType pType, double value)
void SetPrinterAction (string action)
void SetSlicing (bool v)
void SlicingFinished (string file)
void UpdateJobButtons ()


bool IsMainThread [get]
bool IsMono [get]
string WorkingDirectory [get]
Form HostWindow [get]
bool IsJobRunning [get]
bool IsSlicing [get]
I3DSettings ThreeDSettings [get]
IPrinter ActivePrinter [get]
RHBoundingBox SlicingModelBox [get]
IPrinterConnection Connection [get]
ISoundManager SoundManager [get]
IGCodeEditor GCodeEditor [get]
IAbout AboutDialog [get]
ITemperatureHistory TemperatureHistory [get, set]
ITemperatureView TemperatureView [get, set]
bool IsTemperatureViewVisible [get]


FunctionGCode ExecuteHostCommandEvent
PrinterChangedEvent PrinterChanged
FunctionVoid languageChanged
ProgressChangedEvent ProgressChanged
FunctionString PrinterActionChanged
FunctionVoid JobFinishedEvent
FunctionVoid JobStoppedEvent
FunctionSDStateChanged SDStateChanged
FunctionVoid FirmwareDetectedEvent

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