Repetier-Host Plugin  0.95
Package RepetierHostExtender.basic


class  GCodeCompressed
 This is a compressed version of GCode to reduce the space needed. It is only used to store a compact version for the printjob in ram. More...
class  GCode
 Stores the complete data of a gcode command in an easy accessible data structure. This structure can be converted into a binary or ascii representation to be send to a reprap printer. More...
class  ExtruderData
class  GCodeAnalyzer
class  GCodeShort
class  LogLine
class  RLog
class  Printjob


enum  LogLevel {
  DEFAULT = 0, WARNING = 1, ERROR = 2, INFO = 3,


delegate void OnPosChange (GCode code, float x, float y, float z)
delegate void OnPosChangeFast (float x, float y, float z, float e)
delegate void OnAnalyzerChange ()
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