Repetier-Host Plugin  1.0
RepetierHost.view.utils.ArrowButton Class Reference

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Protected Member Functions

override void OnPaint (PaintEventArgs pevent)
override void OnMouseEnter (EventArgs e)
override void OnMouseLeave (EventArgs e)
override void OnMouseDown (MouseEventArgs mevent)
override void OnMouseUp (MouseEventArgs mevent)
override void OnMouseMove (MouseEventArgs mevent)
override void Dispose (bool disposing)
 Verwendete Ressourcen bereinigen.


string CurrentValue [get]
float CurrentValueF [get]
string Title [get, set]
string PossibleValues [get, set]
Color GradientStartColor [get, set]
Color GradientEndColor [get, set]
Color HighGradientStartColor [get, set]
Color HighGradientEndColor [get, set]
Font TitleFont [get, set]
float ArrowBaseHeight [get, set]
int ArrowHeadWidth [get, set]
bool Clicked [get, set]
int Rotation [get, set]


ArrowValueChanged arrowValueChanged = null

Member Function Documentation

override void RepetierHost.view.utils.ArrowButton.Dispose ( bool  disposing) [protected]

Verwendete Ressourcen bereinigen.

disposingTrue, wenn verwaltete Ressourcen gelöscht werden sollen; andernfalls False.

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