Repetier-Host Plugin  1.0
RepetierHostExtender.geom.ThreeDCamera Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

 ThreeDCamera (I3DView ctl)
double DistanceToCameraPlane (RHVector3 pos)
 Compute distance tom camera plane for a given point.
RHVector3 EdgeTranslation ()
void OrientFront ()
void OrientBack ()
void OrientLeft ()
void OrientRight ()
void OrientTop ()
void OrientBottom ()
void OrientIsometric ()
void Zoom (double dis)
void Rotate (double side, double updown)
void RotateDegrees (double rotX, double rotZ)
void Pan (double leftRight, double upDown, double dist)
RHBoundingBox PrinterBoundingBox ()
RHBoundingBox ObjectsBoundingBox ()
void FitPrinter ()
void FitObjects ()
void FitBoundingBox (RHBoundingBox box)


RHVector3 CameraPosition [get]
RHVector3 ViewCenter [get, set]
RHVector3 ViewDirection [get]
double Theta [get, set]
double Phi [get, set]
double Angle [get, set]
double Distance [get, set]
double MinDistance [get, set]
double DefaultDistance [get, set]

Member Function Documentation

Compute distance tom camera plane for a given point.


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