Repetier-Host Plugin  1.0
RepetierHostExtender.interfaces.IPrinterConnection Interface Reference

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Public Member Functions

void log (string t, bool response, LogLevel level)
void pause (string text)
void injectManualCommand (string command)
void injectManualCommandFirst (string command)
void injectManualCommandReplace (string command)
float getTemperature (int extr)
void setTemperature (int extr, float t)
float getOutput (int extr)
void setOutput (int extr, int o)
void analyzeResponse (string res, ref LogLevel level)
string extract (string source, string ident)
void FireConnectionChange (string text)
void open ()
bool close ()
bool close (bool force)
void doDispose ()


string PrinterName [get]
GCodeAnalyzer Analyzer [get]
float CurrentBedTemp [get]
FirmwareTypes FirmwareType [get, set]
bool AfterJobGoDispose [get, set]
bool AfterJobDisableExtruder [get, set]
bool AfterJobDisablePrintbed [get, set]
bool AfterJobDisableMotors [get, set]
bool SdcardMounted [get, set]
int speedMultiply [get, set]
int flowMultiply [get, set]
int numExtruder [get, set]
float x [get, set]
float y [get, set]
float z [get, set]
float e [get, set]
bool logM105 [get, set]
bool autocheckTemp [get, set]
long autocheckInterval [get, set]
float addPrintingTime [get, set]
float travelFeedRate [get, set]
float printFeedRate [get, set]
float maxZFeedRate [get, set]
PrinterConnectorBase connector [get, set]
int binaryVersion [get, set]
int numberExtruder [get, set]
Dictionary< int, float > ExtruderTemp [get]
long lastAutocheck [get, set]
float disposeX [get, set]
float disposeY [get, set]
float disposeZ [get, set]


OnTempHistory eventTempHistory
OnPrinterConnectionChange eventConnectionChange
OnResponse eventResponse

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