Repetier-Host Plugin  1.6
RepetierHostExtender.basic.Printjob Class Reference
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class  PrintTime

Public Member Functions

 Printjob (IPrinterConnection c, IHost _host)
void BeginJob ()
void EndJob ()
void KillJob ()
void DoEndKillActions ()
void PushData (string code)
void PushGCodeShortArray (List< GCodeShort > codes)
bool hasData ()
 Check, if more data is stored.
GCode PeekData ()
GCode PopData ()
LinkedList< GCodeCompressedGetPendingJobCommands ()

Static Public Member Functions

static String DoubleToTime (double time)

Public Attributes

bool dataComplete = false
int totalLines
int linesSend
bool exclusive = false
bool caching = false
int maxLayer = -1
double computedPrintingTime = 0


bool ETAModeNormal [get, set]
int LinesSend [get]
int TotalLines [get]
DateTime JobStarted [get]
DateTime JobFinished [get]
PrintJobMode Mode [get]
string LastPrintingTime [get]
bool Caching [get]
bool Exclusive [get]
float PercentDone [get]
String ETA [get]
String ETAPrinterDisplay [get]
ProgressType ProgressType [get]

Member Function Documentation

Check, if more data is stored.


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