Repetier-Host Plugin  1.6
RepetierHostExtender.interfaces.I3DSettings Interface Reference

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Public Member Functions

Vector4 Dir1 ()
Vector4 Dir2 ()
Vector4 Dir3 ()
Vector4 Dir4 ()
float[] Diffuse1 ()
float[] Ambient1 ()
float[] Specular1 ()
float[] Diffuse2 ()
float[] Ambient2 ()
float[] Specular2 ()
float[] Diffuse3 ()
float[] Ambient3 ()
float[] Specular3 ()
float[] Diffuse4 ()
float[] Ambient4 ()
float[] Specular4 ()


Color SelectedFacesColor [get]
Color InsideFacesColor [get]
Color ErrorFaceColor [get]
Color ErrorEdgeColor [get]
Color OutsidePrintbedColor [get]
Color EdgesColor [get]
Color CutFacesColor [get]
Color TravelMoveColor [get]
Color HotFilamentColor [get]
Color SelectionBoxColor [get]
Color PrinterBase [get]
Color PrinterFrame [get]
bool ShowEdges [get]
bool ShowFaces [get]
bool ShowFilaments [get, set]
bool ShowTravelMoves [get, set]
bool ShowBed [get, set]
bool AntiAlias [get]
int DrawMethod [get]
int FilamentVisualization [get]
float HotFilamentLength [get]

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