Repetier-Host Plugin  2.0.0
RepetierHostExtender.interfaces.I3DView Interface Reference

Public Member Functions

void UpdateCutData ()
void UpdateChanges ()
void SetObjectSelected (bool sel)
void FitPrinter ()
void FitObjects ()
void FrontView ()
void BackView ()
void LeftView ()
void RightView ()
void TopView ()
void BottomView ()
void IsometricView ()


RHBoundingBox CutBBox [get]
RHVector3 CutPos [get, set]
RHVector3 CutDirection [get, set]
bool UpdateCuts [get, set]
ThreeDCamera Camera [get]
bool ParallelProjection [get, set]
RepetierHostExtender.utils.RHOpenGL GLView [get]
ThreeDView View [get]
Point LeftUpperScreenPosition [get]
I3DViewModes Mode [get, set]
int Width [get]
int Height [get]

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