Repetier-Host Plugin  2.0.0
RepetierHostExtender.basic.LogLine Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 LogLine (string _text, bool _response, LogLevel _level)
 Create a new log line More...
string TimeString ()

Static Public Member Functions

static void FireNewLogsAvailable ()
static void EnableLogFile (string path)
static void ClearLogs ()
static void DisableLogFile ()

Public Attributes

string text
bool response
LogLevel level = 0
LogType logType
DateTime time

Static Public Attributes

static LinkedList< LogLineimportantLog = new LinkedList<LogLine>()
static LinkedList< LogLineexternalLog = new LinkedList<LogLine>()
static LinkedList< LogLinelogList = new LinkedList<LogLine>()
static LinkedList< LogLinenewLogs = new LinkedList<LogLine>()
static int maxLogLines = 1000


bool IsACK [get]
bool IsResponse [get]

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ LogLine()

RepetierHostExtender.basic.LogLine.LogLine ( string  _text,
bool  _response,
LogLevel  _level 

Create a new log line

_textLog message
_responsetrue if it is a printe rresponse
_levelLog level

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