Repetier-Host Plugin  2.0.0
RepetierHostExtender.geom.TopoModel Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for RepetierHostExtender.geom.TopoModel:

Public Member Functions

void ShowInformations ()
void Delete ()
void StartAction (string name)
void Progress (double prg)
bool IsActionStopped ()
void Dispose ()
void Clear ()
TopoModel Copy ()
void Merge (TopoModel model, Matrix4d trans)
void TransformToBBox (RHBoundingBox box, Matrix4d trans)
void addVertex (TopoVertex v)
 Adds a vertex to vertex storage if it not already exists More...
TopoVertex findVertexOrNull (RHVector3 pos)
TopoVertex addVertex (RHVector3 pos)
void UpdateVertexNumbers ()
TopoEdge getOrCreateEdgeBetween (TopoVertex v1, TopoVertex v2)
void UpdateIntersectingTriangles ()
TopoTriangle addTriangle (double p1x, double p1y, double p1z, double p2x, double p2y, double p2z, double p3x, double p3y, double p3z, double nx, double ny, double nz)
TopoTriangle addTriangle (RHVector3 p1, RHVector3 p2, RHVector3 p3, RHVector3 normal)
TopoTriangle AddTriangle (TopoTriangle triangle)
void removeTriangle (TopoTriangle triangle)
void UpdateNormals ()
bool CheckNormals ()
double Surface ()
double Volume ()
double SignedShellVolume (int shell)
int MarkPlanarRegions ()
List< TopoEdgeOpenLoopEdges ()
bool JoinTouchedOpenEdges (double limit)
bool RemoveUnusedDatastructures ()
void ResetTriangleMarker ()
bool RemoveDegeneratedFaces ()
void statistics ()
int RemoveColinearFaces ()
void RepairUnobtrusive ()
void UpdateEdgeTypes ()
void Analyse ()
void AnalyseFast ()
void RetestIntersectingTriangles ()
TopoTriangle IntersectsTriangleAnyTriangle (TopoTriangle test)
void checkEdgesOver2 ()
void updateBad ()
int CountShells ()
List< TopoModelSplitIntoSurfaces ()
void CutMesh (Submesh mesh, RHVector3 normal, RHVector3 point, int defaultFaceColor)
void FillMesh (Submesh mesh, int defaultColor)
void FillMeshTrianglesOnly (Submesh mesh, int defaultColor)
void MirrorX ()
void exportObj (string filename, bool withNormals)
void exportSTL (string filename, bool binary)
bool importObj (string filename, double scale=1)
bool importSTL (string filename, double scale=1)
bool import3Ds (string filename, double scale=1)
void FixScaling (double scale)
 Fix vertex scaling hard to fix wrongly scaled input More...
void RepairScaling ()

Public Attributes

const bool debugRepair = false
const double epsilon = 0.00001
TopoVertexStorage vertices = new TopoVertexStorage()
TopoTriangleStorage triangles = new TopoTriangleStorage()
List< TopoEdgeedges = new List<TopoEdge>()
RHBoundingBox boundingBox = new RHBoundingBox()
List< TopoTriangleintersectingTriangles = new List<TopoTriangle>()
Dictionary< string, IModelMetadatameta = new Dictionary<string, IModelMetadata>()
int badEdges = 0
int badTriangles = 0
int shells = 0
int updatedNormals = 0
int loopEdges = 0
int manyShardEdges = 0
bool manifold = false
bool normalsOriented = false
bool intersectionsUpToDate = false
IInfoProgressPanel ipp = null
FileChangedWatcher watcher = null
bool Analysed = false


Color Color [get, set]
int ExtruderId [get, set]
string Name [get, set]
TopoGroup Group [get, set]
TopoScene Scene [get]
bool Visible [get, set]

Member Function Documentation

◆ addVertex()

void RepetierHostExtender.geom.TopoModel.addVertex ( TopoVertex  v)

Adds a vertex to vertex storage if it not already exists


◆ FixScaling()

void RepetierHostExtender.geom.TopoModel.FixScaling ( double  scale)

Fix vertex scaling hard to fix wrongly scaled input


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