Repetier-Host Plugin  2.0.0
RepetierHostExtender.utils.IniSection Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 IniSection (string _name)
string addLine (string l, int extruder=-1)
void AppendToKey (string key, string append)
string StringValue (string key, string def=null)
double DoubleValue (string key, double def=0)
float FloatValue (string key, float def=0)
int IntValue (string key, int def=0)
bool BoolValue (string key, bool def=false, BooleanFormat form=BooleanFormat.BOOL_True)
void SetStringValue (string key, string text)
void SetIntValue (string key, int val)
void SetBoolValue (string key, bool val, BooleanFormat format=BooleanFormat.BOOL_True)
void SetFloatValue (string key, float val)
void SetDoubleValue (string key, double val)
void Merge (IniSection s, int extruder)

Public Attributes

string name
Dictionary< string, string > entries

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