Repetier-Host Plugin  2.0.0
RepetierHostExtender.utils.LayerHeightEditor Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for RepetierHostExtender.utils.LayerHeightEditor:

Public Member Functions

void UpdateDrawing ()
void Reset ()
float yToFloat (float y)
float xToFloat (float y)
double AdjustForYReal (double y)
float toY (float y)
void GetMarkedRegion (out float min, out float max)
void AdjustTo (int mx, float my)
Color ColorForZ (double z)

Public Attributes

double [] adjust = new double[NUM_VALUES]
double MouseZ = 0
double MouseHHover = 0

Protected Member Functions

override void Dispose (bool disposing)
 Clean up any resources being used. More...


double MinValue [get, set]
double MaxValue [get, set]
double DefaultValue [get, set]
double AdjustHeight [get, set]
double StartHeight [get, set]
double EndHeight [get, set]
TopoGroup Group [get, set]


FunctionVoid eventDataChanged

Member Function Documentation

◆ Dispose()

override void RepetierHostExtender.utils.LayerHeightEditor.Dispose ( bool  disposing)

Clean up any resources being used.

disposingtrue if managed resources should be disposed; otherwise, false.

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