Repetier-Host Plugin  2.0.0
RepetierHostExtender.interfaces.IRegMemoryFolder Interface Reference

Public Member Functions

IRegMemoryFolder GetSubfolder (string subfolder)
bool HasSubfolder (string subfolder)
string [] folders ()
void DeleteThisFolder ()
int GetInt (string r, int def)
void SetInt (string r, int val)
long GetLong (string r, long def)
void SetLong (string r, long val)
double GetDouble (string r, double def)
void SetDouble (string r, double val)
bool GetBool (string r, bool def)
void SetBool (string r, bool val)
string GetString (string r, string def)
void SetString (string r, string val)
Color GetColor (string r, Color def)
void SetColor (string r, Color val)
void DeleteValue (string name)
bool HasValue (string name)
void StoreWindowPos (string name, Form f, bool storeSize, bool storeState)
string StoreWindowPos (string name, IntPtr f, bool storeState)
void RestoreWindowPos (string name, Form f)
string RestoreWindowPos (string name, IntPtr f)
string WindowPosString (IntPtr f, bool storeState)


RegistryKey Key [get]

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