Repetier-Host Plugin  2.0.0
RepetierHostExtender.basic.ExtruderDefinition Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for RepetierHostExtender.basic.ExtruderDefinition:

Public Member Functions

 ExtruderDefinition (IRegMemoryFolder _folder)
 ExtruderDefinition (IRegMemoryFolder _folder, int id)
void UpdateFolder (IRegMemoryFolder _folder)
void Load ()
void Save ()
override string ToString ()


bool AvailableExtruder [get]
 Returns true if extruder is available for printing More...
int ExtruderId [get, set]
string Name [get, set]
double OffsetX [get, set]
double OffsetY [get, set]
string Script [get, set]
double TemperatureOffset [get, set]
double Diameter [get, set]
Color Color [get, set]


ExtruderDefinitionChanged DefinitionChanged
PropertyChangedEventHandler PropertyChanged

Property Documentation

◆ AvailableExtruder

bool RepetierHostExtender.basic.ExtruderDefinition.AvailableExtruder

Returns true if extruder is available for printing

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