Repetier-Host Plugin  2.0.0
RepetierHostExtender.basic Namespace Reference


class  CompressedString
 C# stores strings as arrach of 16 bit chars. Especially with gcode which uses only 7 bit ascii it is a waste of ram if storing many lines. This class converts standard strings to byte arrays and back for a better memory print. More...
class  Custom
class  ExtruderData
class  ExtruderDefinition
class  GCode
 Stores the complete data of a gcode command in an easy accessible data structure. This structure can be converted into a binary or ascii representation to be send to a reprap printer. More...
class  GCodeAnalyzer
class  GCodeCompressed
 This is a compressed version of GCode to reduce the space needed. It is only used to store a compact version for the printjob in ram. More...
class  GCodeShort
interface  IPrintJob
class  LogLine
class  NumberConversion
class  Printjob
class  RLog
class  Version


enum  LogLevel {
  DEFAULT = 0, WARNING = 1, ERROR = 2, INFO = 3,
enum  LogType { UNKNOWN = 0, ACK = 1 }
enum  BooleanFormat { BOOL_TRUE, BOOL_True, BOOL_true, BOOL_1 }
enum  PrintJobMode { NO_JOB_DEFINED = 0, PRINTING = 1, FINISHED = 2, ABORTED = 3 }


delegate void ExtruderDefinitionChanged (ExtruderDefinition def)
delegate void OnPosChange (GCode code, float x, float y, float z)
delegate void OnPosChangeFast (float x, float y, float z, double e)
delegate void OnAnalyzerChange ()
delegate void OnLogCleared ()
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